US President Barack Obama's Camp David summit with the Gulf Cooperation Council may have failed to reduce uncertainty (photo: dpa)

The implications of Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East

The prospects of an imminent historic agreement with Iran on its nuclear programme are having major repercussions across the Middle East. Iran is emboldened and sees itself playing a major role as it is welcomed back into the international community. The six Gulf Cooperation Countries feel threatened and abandoned by US foreign policy which has been weak and inconsistent. Saudi Arabia’s role in leading an Arab military coalition into Yemen is just part of this picture.

IRAN’S return to being an active member of the international community diplomatically, politically and in terms of trade has huge geopolitical implications which transcend the ability to enrich nuclear material.


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 Bernard Siman
In a nutshell, the GCC perspective is that the US and its allies are on the verge of what would effectively amount to rewarding Iran for aggressive and interventionist policies which have led to instability
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