The limited global impact of Trump’s ‘America First’ energy policies

West Virginia delegates to the 2016 Republican National convention, some of them out-of-work coal miners, wave signs for Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump gained the support of coal industry workers by promising an “America First” energy policy that favored fossil fuels, especially coal (source: dpa)
  • U.S. coal production and exports are rising
  • This is because of market forces, not President Donald Trump’s policies
  • His threats to pull out of the Paris deal will not derail emissions reductions goals
  • Looser regulations and higher LNG exports, however, could benefit Europe

An increase in coal production in the United States has coincided with President Donald Trump’s so-called “America First” policies in the energy sector. However, coal’s comeback is the result of market forces, not politics. Mr. Trump’s shunning of the Paris climate deal and global efforts to reduce carbon emissions will likely only have a limited impact on future climate change policies. Nevertheless, his support for fossil fuels could have larger global implications, some of them beneficial for Europe.

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