The technological revolution in Oman’s oil and gas industry

The picture of Oman’s top energy industry official
Oman’s Oil and Gas Minister Mohammed Al Rumhy at an energy security conference in Berlin (source: dpa)

  • Oman’s proven oil reserves are only 2 percent of Saudi Arabia’s
  • Geology has not been as kind to Oman as to its neighbors
  • To offset these disadvantages, Oman has embraced new oil and gas technologies and offers good terms to investors

In the global landscape of oil and gas markets, the Sultanate of Oman is dwarfed by its Middle Eastern neighbors. This is hardly surprising given that its proven oil and gas reserves are a tiny fraction of those of its peers. With a long-standing investment-friendly policy, however, the sultanate has been successful in deploying the latest technology not only to reverse its oil production decline, but also to reach record levels and tap unconventional resources trapped in some of the most complex and deepest geological formations known in the industry.

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