The waning Indo-Russian relationship

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the October, 2016 BRICS summit in Goa, India.
Russia and President Vladimir Putin are focused on the West, while India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi are worried about the rising behemoth to the east (source: dpa)
  • Russia and India’s interests are increasingly divergent
  • Moscow is concerned about the U.S., while New Delhi is worried about China
  • India may buy arms elsewhere, energy investment is limited, trade is sluggish
  • The most likely outcome is for the two countries to continue to drift apart

Every year, India and Russia hold a summit where their top leaders meet. This year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted President Vladimir Putin in the coastal state of Goa. The summits end on a similar note each year: India agrees to buy some big-ticket defense equipment and a nuclear reactor or two, and is offered a share in a Siberian oil or gas field. The two governments call on their respective corporations to do more business with each other. The joint statement speaks of the “special and privileged strategic partnership” between India and Russia and a mutual commitment to a “multipolar international system.”

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