Top 10 achievements of China’s Xi Jinping

President of China Xi Jinping staved off a major domestic crisis and continued to implement reforms despite economic headwinds
Despite an economic slowdown, President Xi Jinping and his team have managed to maintain systemic stability in China (source: dpa)

Under Xi Jinping’s watch, China has:

· avoided a major economic crisis or currency crash

· maintained political stability

· launched a number of transformative national and international projects

More than a third of the way into his 10-year term, China’s President Xi Jinping is increasingly regarded with suspicion by Western observers. They note his knack for centralizing control, the purges of his political rivals and the fact that Mr. Xi is keen to appeal to militant nationalism when he wants to mobilize citizens behind his policies. All of these traits are seen as antiquated throwbacks to the Maoist era. Perhaps the stick has been bent too far. President Xi’s core accomplishments should be given due recognition as well.

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