Trump or Clinton? For Africa, there’s not much difference

American soldiers board an aircraft in Liberia, 2014 Ebola crisis
U.S. military board an MV-22 Osprey aircraft departing Cesco City, Liberia, as part of a disaster response mission during the 2014 Ebola outbreak (source: dpa)
  • Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have a well-defined Africa policy
  • China’s increasing clout in Africa has caught Washington’s attention
  • Whichever candidate becomes president will need to focus on that challenge

So far, foreign policy has not been a big issue in the United States presidential campaign. The basic themes have been Hillary Clinton’s commitment to liberal internationalism and Donald Trump’s stance as an isolationist with sympathies for authoritarian regimes. Aside from this, however, such issues have been pushed to the margins. The phenomenon is even more pronounced when it comes to the issue of U.S. involvement in Africa, which has not been a priority for Washington since the end of the Cold War. If there is something that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common, it is that both lack an Africa strategy.

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