Unconventional gas: Emerging markets in Asia and Australia

Where the gas reserves are in Australia
Where the gas reserves are in Australia

Attention has been focussed on Europe as the next world region to follow in America’s footsteps in the development of unconventional gas. But it is Asia and Australia that are set to surpass Europe’s production by 2020. In the fifth part of our series on the energy resource, we look at countries which are expected to make the biggest strides in those regions.

ASIA’S total unconventional gas production is forecast to reach 65bcm by 2020. Australia is predicted to produce more than 69bcm. Both far exceed the latest industry forecasts for Europe which are estimated at 35bcm for shale gas and 22bcm for coal-bed methane (CBM) by 2020.

While India’s unconventional gas productio...

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