Unpopular French president makes ‘U’ turns on new taxes

Francoise Hollande - the most unpopular French president (photo:dpa)
Francoise Hollande - the most unpopular French president (photo:dpa)

Francois Hollande is proving to be the most unpopular French president on record. He is also displaying weak leadership as his government faces a barrage of tax revolts and he backtracks and dithers over imposing new levies. His latest ‘U’ turn followed demonstrations over an eco-tax on freight traffic.

<i>The French government’s tax increases have generated 'nausea' among the French public. And the government is often backtracking on its proposals in order to avoid too much public anger. But this does not help the popularity of President Francois Hollande which is at record lows. Yet it creates institutional uncertainty. There is growing discontent at both amateurism and tax fr...

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