What happened to you, America?

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures at a campaign rally in Indiana
Donald Trump, seen here at May 2, 2016 rally in South Bend, Indiana, may jettison the time-honored Republican strategy of moving toward the political center (source: dpa)
  • Skittish voters and policy drift have undercut U.S. standing in the world
  • Isolationist urges threaten 66-year policy of global engagement
  • Europe become a “shaper” of events as Americans find their bearings

This year, on November 8, the world will be hanging on the outcome of the United States presidential election. Whoever becomes the 45th president will face a body politic that has driven and been driven by a primary process once described by Daniel Boorstin, one of the wisest observers of American history, as “obstinate provincialism.” Donald Trump’s erratic campaign has mesmerized the global media and, irrespective of the election result, changed the fabric of U.S. domestic politics.

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