What’s next for the Caspian region

A map of the greater Caspian region
Within the greater Caspian region, the subregions have different outlooks. In the South Caucasus especially, increasing violent conflict looks likely (source: macpixxel for GIS)

  • Global powers are altering their policies toward the Caspian region
  • Technological developments could have a big impact on the area’s significance
  • Strong state institutions will be crucial to meet the challenges the region faces

Situated at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the greater Caspian region (Central Asia and the Caucasus) plays an oversized role in geopolitics. With several global and regional powers nearby, it is an arena for strategic competition, and domestic developments there are closely correlated with the behavior of those major geopolitical players. In recent years, these powers have altered their policies toward the Caspian region. How these changes affect the interaction between global and domestic politics will shape developments there.

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