Why the ‘TANAP’ project is proving a game changer in the Eurasian pipeline competition

Major pipeline construction is underway (photo:dpa)
Major pipeline construction is underway (photo:dpa)

The consortium developing the Shaz Deniz 2 gas field in Azerbaijan has put off its final decision over who will build the pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe until next year. The second in the series on the Eurasian pipeline looks at how the contenders vying for the contract are adapting to the new entrant, the TANAP project, the joint venture between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

ONLY the Nabucco pipeline could be described as a strategic project in terms of capacity, intercontinental scope and the market impact to break Russia’s monopoly of gas exports in central and south east Europe until December, 2011.

It is also the only project which would have a Eur...

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