Why the Trans-Adriatic pipeline beat Nabucco-West to win final bid

BP is very dependent on Russian oil and gas projects (photo:dpa)
BP is very dependent on Russian oil and gas projects (photo:dpa)

This is the second part of a GIS series of reports analysing the pipeline race between the Nabucco-West pipeline and the Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) for the final route of the European Union’s strategic Southern Corridor project. It highlights the reasons why the Nabucco-West pipeline failed to capitalise on its previous strategic advantages over TAP.

<i>The Nabucco pipeline consortium’s biggest failure was to develop a pipeline without ensuring the gas supply by including SOCAR. Furthermore, the Shah Deniz consortium members Statoil and BP are very dependent on other oil and gas projects in Russia and the Arctic, which has pressured all sides not to favour the Nabucco-West p...

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