Global Hotspots 2024


Energy in an unstable world


New Delhi’s dilemmas: Evolving geopolitics in India’s neighborhood

Fuel for realism: The future of oil and gas

The great restructuring: China’s new dual circulation strategy to outcompete the West

Taiwan’s future in the new global rivalry

Accelerated change in sub-Saharan Africa: The outlook for 2021


Supply Chain and Global Free Trade in the Post-Coronavirus World


The long ‘bridge’ of carbon capture and storage technology

The enduring value of Japan’s emperor

The security risks of 5G

Russia in Africa: the ‘covert action’ strategy

Corruption in Africa: two possible scenarios

Strategic defense: NATO’s conventional deterrent

The U.S. and Canada: chilly relations won’t sever the ties that bind


Venezuela: How not to run an oil sector

Two scenarios for the future of U.S.-China relations

Saudi Arabia’s key role in the Middle East

The slow death of Germany’s political center

The ‘military option’ in Venezuela is an illusion

India looks inward on trade

Will immigration sink the EU?

Iran and the U.S. play nuclear poker in the Middle East

Russia breaks its social contract

What Lukashenko learned from Crimea

U.S. security policy towards Europe

Russia: The increasing power of Dmitry Medvedev

Cold war between Visegrad and Brussels

China vs Western Capitals: the Shifting Attitudes

Cuba’s two conundrums

The benefits of GMO

What were Russia’s motivations in the Skripal case?

Cryptocurrencies – a lost opportunity?

Donald Trump’s Legislative Revolution

Is Brexit inevitable?

The Anatomy of Modern Warfare

2018 Global Outlook: Four dangerous dynamics in the Middle East

2018 Global Outlook: North Korea and the U.S.-China-Russia triangle

2018 Global Outlook: Donald Trump’s U.S. power decline

A defining moment in Mexico’s political system

The contours of a future Middle East emerge

The post-Putin Russia: signs of transformation

Is China the future of high-performance computing?

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