Who we are

GIS was founded in 2011 by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. Our primary mission is to provide business leaders, senior managers and policymakers with genuine and relevant geopolitical forecasts based on scenarios. Unlike journalistic or media products, GIS focuses on providing intelligence-driven services.

Our Approach

At GIS, we base our services on the sustained background knowledge of our experts, rather than relying solely on quantitative research or open-source information. This unique approach allows us to offer scenario-based analysis of future developments and their intended or unintended consequences. Our aim is to provide decision-makers with a solid foundation supported by comprehensive background information.

Global Network of Experts

Our strength lies in our diverse and global network of experts, which includes former government ministers, advisors, high-ranking civil servants, military personnel, economists and leading scientists. Drawing upon their expertise and on-the-ground insights, we offer in-depth reports that shed light on critical geopolitical trends in the areas of politics, economics, defense, energy and technology. These reports are published daily in English.

Informed Scenarios and Thought-Provoking Commentary

Our experts establish possible scenarios for the future and analyze their implications. Free from the influence of popular opinion, our predictions are often bold and counterintuitive, yet consistently accurate. Additionally, we publish commentaries that provide informed viewpoints on crucial geopolitical issues, stimulating debate and discussion.

Independence and Impartiality

As an independent organization, GIS is not affiliated with any government, corporate entity or media agency. This allows us to offer uniquely independent and impartial analysis. Located in Liechtenstein, our service benefits from the country’s neutrality, bolstering our commitment to remain impartiality and objectivity.

GIS’s Principles


We collaborate with a network of highly experienced experts who possess deep knowledge in their respective fields. They are independent thinkers who bring a wealth of insight to our analyses. Our commitment to expertise leads us to adopt a pragmatic approach in our work.


We maintain a stance based on pragmatism, acknowledging that governments are not always efficient, and that human behavior is not always rational. Consequently, we recognize the limitations of many political and economic models. Believing in and relying solely on such models can lead to erroneous assessments and misjudgments. Instead, we emphasize practical, real-world analysis that accounts for the complexities and nuances of geopolitical dynamics.

Avoiding Traps

At GIS, we prioritize realistic analysis, steering clear of rigid adherence to academic theories or short-term, mainstream beliefs. We strive to avoid the pitfalls that can arise from relying on overly simplistic or outdated perspectives. By doing so, we maintain a forward-thinking and adaptable approach that ensures our analyses remain relevant and insightful in an ever-evolving global landscape.

GIS’s Philosophy

At GIS, our philosophy is anchored in three fundamental principles: relevance, independence and trustworthiness.

Relevance: GIS is committed to providing our clients with information that is pertinent and meaningful. We strive to go beyond the surface and delve into areas that are not readily available through open-source channels. By focusing on topics that are critical for assessing the present and capable of generating significant future impact, we ensure our analysis remains prescient and insightful, regardless of public perception.

Independence: Independence is a cornerstone of our approach. Unlike many think tanks and media organizations, GIS refrains from advocating for an ideal scenario. Instead, we offer what our experts believe is the most likely outcome. Just as a weather forecast informs you whether to carry an umbrella, we provide applicable insights that assist decision-making processes, enabling our clients to form opinions based on reliable and unbiased information.

Trustworthiness: GIS places immense value on trustworthiness. Our core objective is to provide decision-makers in business, science and politics with a reliable foundation for decisions. To achieve this, our reports feature dispassionate examination of realities and relevant scenarios for the future. GIS has a track record of accurately predicting or observing developments aligning with our scenarios.

Location and Neutrality

The location of Liechtenstein adds an additional layer of neutrality to our work, bolstering the global credibility of our reports. As an organization, we do not represent any particular interests, allowing us to maintain an unbiased perspective in our analyses.

Solution-Oriented and Fact-Based

GIS is committed to providing clear, original and unbiased reports. We are unswayed by the prevailing zeitgeist and tackle challenging and unexpected topics. Our approach is solution-oriented and firmly grounded in factual information.

Through our commitment to relevance, independence and trustworthiness, GIS provides a platform delivering in-depth, expert knowledge with a future outlook. This dedication to authenticity and integrity sets us apart, enabling our readers to make well-informed decisions based on an accurate and balanced assessment of geopolitical events and their potential implications.

Providing Unbiased Information

Undistorted and Unbiased

Our experts develop scenarios based on their objective analysis, independentof their personal preferences or biases towards the outcomes. We strive topresent an accurate and balanced assessment of geopolitical events and their potential implications.

Focus on Relevance

Rather than focusing on breaking news, we concentrate on exploring the significant consequences of events or circumstances. Our scenarios aim to provide insights into the broader geopolitical landscape, enabling our readers and clients to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing world.

Global Experts

With a global network of world-class experts, our goal is to provide high-quality intelligence to our clients. We do not seek to impose a particularideology or strive to “make the world a better place” through our analyses.Instead, we add value by offering a comprehensive understanding ofgeopolitical dynamics, drawing upon the expertise and diverse perspectivesof our renowned experts.

Free of Judgment

In our expert reports, we maintain a commitment to impartiality by abstaining from making ethical or ideological judgments. Our focus is on providing objective analysis and informed perspectives without imposing subjective value judgments. This ensures that our intelligence remains reliable and unbiased, empowering our clients to form their own well-grounded assessments and strategies.


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