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A cartoon that shows the devastating tools of mismanagement by governments: taxes, regulations and subsidies

Opinion: Harmful attempts to plan and regulate the global economy

Governments’ tendency to overtax the economy, overregulate it and misallocate resources by subsidizing losers, has been hurting economic growth, innovation and competitiveness in many parts of the world, including Europe. Now, officials are discussing novel ways to introduce such disastrous practices on the global level. Their excuse is an alleged need to tax internet companies more and block cryptocurrencies.

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GIS on target predictions

Islamic State’s next target: Europe

GIS experts have frequently mentioned that once Islamic State (also known as ISIS or Daesh) was defeated in Iraq and Syria, it would not go away. Instead, it would spread its message – and send its fighters – across the world, with a special focus on Europe. With the organization claiming responsibility for a recent terror attack in London, those predictions seem to be coming true. As GIS expert Dr. Bernard Siman explained in a July 2017 report, one “child of Daesh” would comprise “the ongoing blowback of foreign fighters, especially from Syria, into Europe, which poses a sustained, long-term terrorist threat to mainland Europe itself.”

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Geopolitics are back on the agenda

Due to the fast changing international order geopolitics are back on the agenda. I believe that GIS makes a great contribution with analyses and insights that should help businesses and governments developing their responses.

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