Senior experts

Illustration of Adam Rudolf
is a former vice president of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service.
Illustration of Paul Aligica
is a professor of political and administrative sciences.
Illustration of David Alton, Lord Alton of Liverpool
is a former Member of the House of Commons.
Illustration of Baird Francois
is an expert on African affairs.
Illustration of Baram Amatzia
is director of the Centre for Iraq Studies.
Illustration of Felix Bekemeier
is a management consultant.
Illustration of Ewa Björling
is a former Swedish minister of trade.
Illustration of Blank Stephen
is a leading expert on European and Asian security.
Helmuth Boeck
is a professor at the Atomic Institute of TU Wien.
Illustration of Pierre Boussel
is a columnist and researcher specializing in the Arab world.
Illustration of Matthew Boyse
specializes in Central European political, security and economic issues.
Illustration of Brookes Peter
is a U.S. national security analyst.
Illustration of Carafano James Jay
is an expert in national security and foreign policy.
Illustration of Dean Cheng
is a senior fellow with the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.
Illustration of Colombatto Enrico
is a professor of economics in Italy.
Alper Coskun
is an expert on Turkish affairs.
Illustration of Michael Cunningham
is a China expert.
Illustration of Oleksiy Danilov
is Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.
Illustration of Dashdorj Zorigt
is the executive director of the Mongolia Development Strategy Institute.
Illustration De Marcos Ines
is an expert in education and social policy.
Illustration of Dante Disparte
is chief strategy officer and head of global policy at Circle.
Illustration of Beat Eberle
is an expert on international military affairs and policing.
Illustration Fanell James E
is a former naval intelligence officer.
Illustration of Aleksandra Tirziu
is founder and CEO of Magpie Advisory.
Illustration of Evgeny Gontmakher
is the academic director of the expert group European Dialogue.
Illustration of Colleen Graffy
is a law professor at Pepperdine University.
Illustration of Hadrovic Emma
is a European public affairs manager.
Illustration of Mojmir Hampl
is a Czech economist, banker and commentator.
Illustration of Husain Haqqani
served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States from 2008 to 2011.
Illustration of Hedlund Stefan
is a professor of Russian Studies at Uppsala University.
Illustration of Israel Karl-Friedrich
is a professor of national economy and economic policy at Saarland University.
Illustration of Kaspe Svyatoslav
is a member of Russian Public Policy Center.
Illustration of Kassim Yang Razali
was a former journalist and Southeast Asian affairs expert.
Illustration of Katz Diane
is a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.
Illustration of Anthony Kim
is editor of the Index of Economic Freedom.
Illustration of Klon Kitchen
is a former national security advisor.
Illustration of Krisztina Koenen
is a Hungarian-born journalist, writer and translator.
Illustration of Andrew Kohlrieser
runs the Kohlrieser Leadership Institute.
Illustration of Kowal Pawel
is a politician, political scientist and historian.
Illustration of Stanislaw Koziej
is a retired Polish general.
Elisabeth Krecke NEW
is a former professor of economics.
Illustration of Andrew Kureth
is managing editor at Geopolitical Intelligence Services.
Illustration of Michael Leigh
teaches at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) in Bologna.
Illustration of Princess Gisela of Liechtenstein
is a member of the management of Industrie- und Finanzkontor.
Illustration of Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
is the founder of GIS.
Illustration of Liechtenstein Therese
is an investment director in the biotech fund of M Ventures.
Illustration of Walter Lohmann
directs The Heritage's Asian Studies Center.
Illustration of Maingot Anthony
is professor emeritus of sociology at Florida International University.
Illustration of Gerhard Mangott
is a professor of international relations.
Illustration of Martin Emmanuel
is a senior lecturer in economics.
Illustration of Mario Martinez
is the founder of Biocognitive Science.
Illustration of Ralph Mathekga
is a political, social and economic researcher.
Illustration of Mazel Zvi
is a former Israeli diplomat.
Illustration of Menzel Ulrich
is a professor of international relations.
Illustration of Michel Adam
is director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute.
Illustration of Ivan Miklos
is a former deputy prime minister and minister of finance of the Slovak Republic.
Illustration of Miller Henry
is the Glenn Swogger Distinguished Fellow at the American Council on Science and Health.
Illustration of Millon Charles
is a former ambassador and defense minister of France.
Illustration of Alberto Mingardi
directs the Istituto Bruno Leoni.
Illustration of Barun S. Mitra
is the founder and director of Liberty Institute.
Illustration of Carole Nakhle
is the founder and CEO of Crystol Energy.
Illustration of Samir Nassif
is an expert in Middle Eastern affairs.
Illustration of Alexander Neill
specializes in Asia-Pacific geopolitics.
Illustration of Uwe Nerlich
was an international security advisor.
Illustration of Jaime Nogueira Pinto
is a historian and political writer.
Illustration of Teresa Nogueira Pinto
is an African affairs expert.
Illustration of Chaudhuri Pramit Pal
is a delegate for strategic dialogues.
Illustration of Tatiana L. Palermo
chairs Palermo Strategic Consulting LLC.
Illustration of Aparna Pande
is director of the Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia at the Hudson Institute.
Illustration of Prashanth Parameswaran
is a fellow at the Wilson Center and the founder of ASEAN Wonk.
Illustration of John Polga-Hecimovich
is an associate professor of Political Science.
Illustration of Thitinan Pongsudhirak
is a professor of International Relations at Chulalongkorn University.
Illustration of Quintana Ana Rosa
is an expert on U.S.-Latin American relations.
Illustration of Regil Velasco Armando
is the founder, president & CEO of i2Co.
Illustration of Blerim Reka
is a former Minister for the Republic of Kosovo.
Illustration of Rödder Andreas
is an expert in German affairs.
Illustration of Vahan Roth
is an executive board member of Swissgrams AG.
Illustration of Federica Fasanotti
specializes in military history.
Illustration of Sak Güven
is director of the Area Studies Program at the TEPAV economic think tank.
Illustration of Phillip Sandner
headed the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.
Illustration of Brett Schaefer
is an expert in international regulatory affairs.
Illustration of Henrique Schneider
is a professor of economics.
Illustration of Urs Schoettli
is an independent advisor on Asian Affairs.
Illustration of Karl-Peter Schwarz
is a former foreign correspondent.
Illustration of Paul Schwennesen
is a military affairs expert.
Illustration of Bernard Siman
is an investment and banking professional.
Illustration of Jeff M. Smith
is a researcher in Heritage's Asian Studies Center.
Illustration of Carlota Teixeira
is a senior international relations professional.
Illustration of Joseph S. Tulchin
was an expert in Latin American affairs.
Illustration of Frank Umbach
is head of research at EUCERS/CASSIS, University of Bonn.
Illustration Alexander Vondra
is a Czech politician and former senator.
Illustration of Riley Walters
is an Asian affairs expert.
Illustration of Klaus Woelfer
is an Austrian former diplomat.
Illustration of Michael Wohlgemuth
is an economist and researcher.
Illustration of Junhua Zhang
is a senior associate at the EIAS.
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